Estate Planning Services

Anderson Law recognizes the comfort that comes from knowing your family’s future security is protected according to your unique wishes and values. 

I provide individualized guidance based on personalized goals so you can have peace of mind that legal intricacies won’t disrupt the vision you hold for loved ones down the road.

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Estate Planning Law in Texas

Loving parents and successful individuals deserve their life’s work and family dedication to extend beyond their time on earth, and ensuring your legacy thrives for generations requires a lot of expertise. 

Anderson Law provides strategic counsel around estate matters large and small so you can root plans in what matters most. 

Anderson Law can clarify complex language and considerations around wills, trusts, asset distribution and more. I’ll help you navigate estate laws so you can secure your deepest hopes and focus on enjoying each moment with those you hold most dear.

Here are the key estate planning services that I offer.

Will Preparation

Planning for your passing undoubtedly stirs difficult emotions, but a precisely crafted will provides comfort, knowing your intentions around property, dependents and other affairs will be honored. 

Anderson Law takes an empathetic estate planning approach to support your decisions and discussions. 

I take the time to understand your personal family circumstances and goals and then provide a will conforming to Texas estate laws and your goals.

Entrust Anderson Law to secure tomorrow so you can fully embrace precious remaining moments.

Trust Planning

Estate trustees bear immense responsibility for balancing asset distribution, taxes and family dynamics over time, and structuring agreements rooted in your values while remaining legally durable as situations evolve takes foresight and skill. 

Rely on Anderson Law’s guidance establishing customized trusts built to uphold your intentions around inheritors’ needs, abilities and relationships a decade or more into the future.

Probate and Estate Administration

Even the most robust estate plan requires navigation assistance when pivotal power transitions occur, and bereavement makes legal processes around inventory assessments, creditor resolution and probate hearings exponentially more difficult.

Allow Anderson Law to assist you with legal nd administrative burdens with wisdom and care so grief has space.

Guardianship Planning

Contemplating who will care for loved ones unable to manage their own wellbeing brings deep worry when you have a family. 

Anderson Law helps assess situational nuances, guide your choices around guardianship preference and draft your guardianship declarations.

Power of Attorney

No one understands your financial complexities better than you, but we all face unexpected obstacles potentially interfering with managing obligations. 

Establishing a durable power of attorney is one of the most important contingency planning strategies to prevent logisitical nightmares when adversity hits. 

I will help you identify your ideal surrogates and customize a power of attorney document with oversight permissions and triggers tailored to your unique exposure points.

Medical Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive

Serious diagnosis inevitably stimulates reflection on healthcare wishes should treatment decisions require immediate or long term guidance. 

Anderson Law helps you thoroughly document preferences around resuscitation attempts, palliative routes, pain management and more so your choices align with your values regardless of any changes to mental capacity. 

Outlining your legal healthcare proxies further equips your family and doctors to confidently act on your behalf, allowing full focus on present-moment living. 

Planning your estate’s future need not be a confusing process. Let Anderson Law guide you through creating a comprehensive estate plan that aligns with your wishes and obligations. 

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